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My Promise
 {This is a poem that I wrote when I was about fifteen. I don't know whether it's good or not...Well, here you go, stranger.}


This is a promise I believe is worth making.
One that upon each dawn, I will commit to.
A promise to focus, listen to and learn from 
A promise to greet each morning as a blessing, honor and opportunity
A promise to see each day and the sun and the moon.
See it, and greet them with a sweet, singing smile
all the while acknowledging that what happened yesterday is done and cannot be changed.
Also to know that i have a choice, a say in what scene comes next
Those choices lead to my tomorrow
Right now i ma making a Promise, an oath, to do my best to understand the reason's for what has                taken place, by changing the coarse of any life in minuscule to major ways
This is my promise
That is my oath.


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