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Does anyone elso face this fear of appearance on youtube? Like, you get a great idea for a video and then you get all crazy about what to wear in the video. See, because when you watch other people they seem to do fine....But you always seem to worry about being over dressed or looking you just rolled out of bed. And the funny part is that you are trying to look nice for total strangers who you will never see, but THAT does not matter. You wanna look good....

To be continued....

Desk Space and Homework Time.

Hello. So this is the difficulty of doing homework after you have friends over: Your room is A L W A Y S a mess afterwards, the bulk of which being on your desk (because of the convenience). So the next day when it's time for you to study, there's all this crap on your desk and you don't have the time or patience to clean it off so you end up sitting/laying in an awkward, flexy position on your bed that sends your back into some painful state of misallignment....
So, after your back is sufficiently screwed up, you decide to relocate to the kitchen, hoping for improvements...No such luck, because in the kitchen/living room there is a TV, and your mother giving you chore after chore...
You end up back in your room, back in that awkward, flexy position...Feeling uncomfortable and not even started on your homework...Dammit.

Taste the Pickle. It might Yodle.

Bathroom Water vs. Kitchen Water?
Hello. have you ever noticed how much better bathroom water tastes than kitchen water? It's something I've known since iwas really little, but never truly accknowledged.
Then you have to wonder: Do all bathrooms have beter tasting water than kitchens? Now, I would never actually test this but the school bathroom sinks...What are those like?
I don't know...or at a friends house? I want to do this, but I would feel incredibly weird, if at dinner, as you sit there and want a drink of water, you walk to their bathroom sink....When you return, they give you the oddest looks, Like you are crazy....You attempt to explain the nice freshness, but no such luck. They don't understand.

Taste the Pickle. It might Yodle.

But as soon as they leave...
you are all excited, geared up to experiment what it's like to be on your own...but then you are on your own and you have no idea whatt the hell to do.
you stay up really late...but that gets old and it's mainly becuase you feel weird sleeping in an empty house.
you want to have friends over but everyone is suddenly unreachable.
you watch movies, then get mad at your self for watching movies when your parents are about ten hours away, and you can do anything you want, and you are sitting on your ass...doing nothing. haha..

Taste the Pickle. It might Yodle.

When Parents Leave Town.

When Parents leave town without their teenager...expecting them not to party...they are having a serious lapse in intellect...just saying. come on.

Friends are Wonderfully Awful.
Friends are only great for so long until they start playing stupid elementary games.

Geometry is really time consuming. I Just thought i would point that out right now.
Yeah. I just finished making a cheat sheet for the chapter test tomorrow. Lots of formulas, many diagrams. Pictures....Soooo, surely i'll do just fine on my test. It's about 8:05 PM...and you can tell i have no life what-so-ever because i'm on this writing something that nobody probabaly reads...yay for me! haha.

Anyway. Good-night. Good-day...Whatever.

You Know How...

There is a point in the night, after being awake for such a long time that you look at the clock and not care. Like right now for instance....it's about 1:22 AM and I am not phased...tired, but not phased. Maybe slightly incoherent, yet here I am, with my first blog. Sooooo, yeah.
Well, at the beginning of the year, i intetionally stayed awake until about 3 am so, and woke up for school at about 5:30 AM. Two and a half hours! Man that is sick. very. very. very...very odd also. Teenagers usually like sleep. Not me though.

Anyway. Good Morning...Good Day...Whatever.


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