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So, What?
H e l l o. Often, I write about things that don't matter. These things are just my thoughts...11:11...make a wish. But I want to write things that have reason, meaning....So, what? But this is different for all of us. There are different levels of importance to each person. Never the same, and never crystal clear. 
To me, well, I used to think anything deep meant dark, sad things. But as I am growing older, I am beginning to realize that this just isn't the case. Something that is meant to make you ponder for a moment. A question that is asked, that cannot be answered in a New York minute. It makes you think. For example. What is love? It's not dark, or sad. It's happy. Heavy but happy! And it makes you think. 
The levels are always changing for everyone. Like I said...I am learning as I grow what deep thoughts really are. Intellectual, loaded, and filled with more questions. Train thoughts. Starting at one question, then letting loose all sorts of other questions that make you question yourself, and helps you work things out in your own time. Yet, still, right when you believe you have it clear in your own head, it changes. Even just a slight change, it changes the way you see things without you even realizing it...
So, what? What do I write about that could be "deep and important"? I am sure I don't know.

Taste the Pickle. It might Yodel.


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